Monday, April 13, 2009

Job ad writers are nuts! (or jobs to which I actually applied and was rejected)

Here's what drives me nuts about the job search process: Job ads.  

Either they are so vague that anyone could conceivably possess the qualifications the job ad lists (must be organized, must have experience with MS Office, must have opposable thumbs...), or they say you have to have 15 years + of experience in some really random job function such that, if you really had 15 years + you'd probably already have a job or enough connections to not have to troll Craigslist for new opportunities.  

Here are a couple of apparently very complicated jobs for which I did not qualify: 
  • Product Analyst Internship - Required "Strong reading and comprehension skills" (so I guess completing a Masters degree doesn't necessarily guarantee that one has strong reading skills, but for crying out loud, what kind of drooling neanderthals have applied to this company in the past that necessitated that they specify reading skills in their ad??)
  • Distribution Analyst at a major clothing retailer - Requires a 2 year college degree and 1 year of retail experience.   After making me sit through a 40 minute quiz where I was asked what belt went with what khakis and I had to ascertain that I do not find stealing morally acceptable, I received a very polite form e-mail (Dear Valued Applicant...) telling me that the company had decided to select other candidates.  Really? 6+ years working in retail, plus an IQ of 145 and you're not sure I could demonstrate "Facility with personal computers"?
Some other job ad bugaboos: 
-Requiring experience at the company that's hiring (why the hell are you advertising on Monster if it's an internal hire?)
-Applications that ask for demographic information but also say that the info won't be used to make a hiring decision (Don't get my hopes up about being an affirmative action beneficiary and then dash them all to pieces!)

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