Sunday, April 26, 2009

Make a list!

Here's another time killer: making lists. Not a boring to-do list or "Things I'm grateful for" list, but a fun, thought-provoking list that could lead to self-discovery and distraction for about 8 minutes. Here are some list ideas to get you started:
  • List of bitches you want to punch in the face before you get your third strike (Lacey from "Rock of Love" - I'm looking right at you)
  • List of bars you want to throw up in before you have kids (You can't exactly hurl off the balcony at Ghost Bar and then head back to your room at the Palms to tuck in Bobby and Suzie)
  • List of cartoon characters you would make out with (Brian from "Family Guy", Duffman, the Esurance lady)
  • List of places that suck worse than Secaucus, New Jersey (hmmmmm....) 
  • List of songs you want to learn the lyrics to, to impress your friends at karaoke (99 Luftballoons in German, Rock Me Amadeus, It's The End of The World)
  • Things you would rather do than go to a Jonas Brothers concert (get dental surgery, get kidnapped by Somali pirates, catch swine flu...this list could really go on forever)
  • List of stupid lists you could write in lieu of doing anything productive

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