Monday, April 27, 2009

No Shit - Now Just Tell Every University in America **

** Except Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Rutgers, Cornell, or Chicago

From the New York Times, a piece entitled "End The University As We Know It" offers prescriptions for improving the dismal (and I mean being-a-Somali-pirate-would-be-a-better-career-option-than-that-graduate-degree dismal) state of graduate students in America.  One vital piece of advice:
5. Expand the range of professional options for graduate students. Most graduate students will never hold the kind of job for which they are being trained. It is, therefore, necessary to help them prepare for work in fields other than higher education. The exposure to new approaches and different cultures and the consideration of real-life issues will prepare students for jobs at businesses and nonprofit organizations. Moreover, the knowledge and skills they will cultivate in the new universities will enable them to adapt to a constantly changing world.
The corollary to this, of course, is that businesses and non-profits must be open to hiring people from the humanities.  It has been my experience during two long job searches that hiring managers would rather hire a chimp in a diaper than a person with a B.A. in Art History. (you'd be surprised how many job descriptions call for someone with 7+ years of experience flinging poop!)

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  1. Yeah, Anthony H. and I are actually already forming a piracy firm, though ours will be midwestern-based.

    And we prefer to refer to it as "unplanned economic intervention," and will likely be applying for a Federal government fail-out soon.