Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things to do in Limbo When You're Bored

One bad ass mofo: Omar Little
Here are a few things I've been doing to kill the boredom and distract me from the fact that my phone never rings and I think Gmail is broken because no one ever gets back to me.  

1) Write a screenplay:  Movies are pretty formulaic, so if you think of even a half-ass concept, you can probably stretch it into a 3 act format.  Here's an example: A girl moves to Nashville to be a country singer, but to make bread she moonlights as a dominatrix.  Her worlds collide at the end of the second act when she realizes that her client with the latex fetish and the cute talent scout she's been trying to meet are one and the same person.  They fall in love, and perform a rocking duet ("You Poured Hot Wax on My Achy Breaky Heart") in the final scene. 

2) Volunteer: If only for selfish reasons like bulking up the "Involvement" section of your resume, volunteering is a great time killer.  Plus, if you're single, I think it would be pretty easy to parlay an interest in human rights into an invite back to someone's apartment to "discuss the situation in Africa". 

3) Watch "The Wire":  Yeah, it's totally the best TV show ever.  Period.  And then when your friends are talking about someone named Omar Little like he's a real guy, you can join in the discussion and say, "He gots to get got."

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