Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Atlantic writer pwns Edmund Andrews

Thanks to "I Am Not Star Jones" I was led to this article by Megan McArdle which exposes how the NYT's Edmund Andrews felt he did not need to disclose his wife's prior two bankruptcies in his whiny piece about his own subprime mortgage crisis (to which I responded with my own whiny piece decrying broke idiots).

Then Megan McArdle followed up with another article rebutting the response by Andrews in defense of his wife.  Basically Andrews sees no connection between filing for bankruptcy twice within a few years and being bad with money.  Andrews' article and his forthcoming book paint him and his wife as hapless victims of predatory lending gone berserk, but it's pretty obvious that the two of them just have unbelievably poor judgement.  The fact that they want sympathy is an affront to all the people who were actually tricked into bad mortgages by predatory lenders.  Sickening.   


  1. Hey - are you in NYC? Visit us, The 405 Club, on $405/week from the state for unemployment... got a bad case of the AUS!



  2. Nuts, I am not. I'm in CA and since I haven't had a proper job since 2007, I'm guessing I don't qualify for unemployment. Welfare maybe, but not unemployment.