Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss Suzie Sunshine

I have been known, occasionally, to be sarcastic and maybe...just maybe...a little cynical.  Being sarcastic frequently makes people laugh, laughter is good, and it deflects attention from the sad fact that most sarcastic people believe the things they are saying and don't want to own up to them.  

Making cynical remarks is a lot like the parents in ancient China who used to berate their children openly in order to fool the evil gods into not killing them (the logic, of course, being that the gods would rather take a valuable, handsome child than a stupid, useless one).  Making cynical remarks is a form of superstition where you put a bad thought into the universe in the hopes that you have preempted the evil gods, and now they will have to think of something else to torture you with.       

Negativity however, breeds negativity.  Whether you call this karma, bad energy, or just being a douchebag, bad things tend to happen to people who bring bad things upon them (I'm still waiting for a polar bear to attack Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag).  

I have recently had the tremendous misfortune of spending time with the most miserable, hate-filled, mean-spirited, insufferable woman on the face of the earth (and I'm not talking about Rachel Ray for once!).  This woman has such contempt for all living people that she cannot make it through a sentence without having this hatred poison every word.  Her life is pretty miserable, partly because of bad luck, but largely because she chooses to make everyone around her completely miserable.  She makes Debbie Downer look like Miss Suzie Sunshine.  

This woman's toxic and sadistic personality has made me realize that: a) you get more flies with honey than vinegar - duh, and 2) no one wants to be around miserable people, so it's important to put up a positive front even if you want to be gloomy and doomy.  Eventually your positive attitude will be rewarded - if only with a hug from a homeless guy.   

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