Monday, June 8, 2009

Has It Really Come To This?

I was sent a link today for a company called Work Your Career where job seekers can bid...BID MONEY...for an in-person interview with a company that may or may not hire them.  It's a sad day when the downtrodden job seeker will shell out his last remaining dollars, foregoing that bottle of Colt 45, to get a 15 minute spot in front of an HR rep.  What's next?  Will we soon see workers trading sexual favors for a second interview?  And what would you have to do to actually get hired?  

This reminds me of the part in "The Grapes of Wrath" when the Joad family gets to California and they learn that fruit-picking wages are far below what the fliers promised.  It's the brutal and inevitable outcome when you have a glut of workers and a scarcity of work - someone will always work for less.  This is the same kind of thing, but instead of underbidding for work, you must overbid for the opportunity to maybe work.  Seriously messed up.  

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