Sunday, August 9, 2009

This b**** is crazy (but her website is pretty sweet)

I've been looking through a lot of so-called career resource sites lately and I came across this one called Brazen Careerist. This site is meant to be a place where Gen Y workers can read about job advice, blog about their own experiences, and explore companies who are Gen Y-friendly. It's an impressive site if only for its expansive and ever-changing blog posts on such topics as "5 networking tips for shy or introverted people", "The power of resourcefulness: A guide to peeing in the shower", and "Paula Abdul and workplace inequality" (lol, I know I hate it when I come to work zonked on oxycontin and my co-workers make fun of me).

Brazen Careerist is based on the work of self-styled millenial guru, Penelope Trunk, and her book of the same name. I've been reading her blog for a little while, and that lady is seriously crazy. Her site is good, she's probably smart and knows stuff about marketing and entrepreneurship, but some of her stories are plain bonkers. In her most recent post she says she has never worked for a man for more than 3 months without developing a huge crush on him. Her next topic in the same post is how to tell if a business meeting is actually a date.

Now I'm certainly no Gloria Steinem, drum-beating feminist, but I don't think that, at a time when women still make on average $.78 to every dollar earned by men, it's good for male managers to think their female employees are a bunch of empty-headed giggling school girls only interested in flirting and unable to focus on doing real work. If Penelope Trunk is one of the foremost experts on careers, millenials in the workplace, and job advice for women (specifically young women), then I seriously have to doubt the quality of her advice if it appears that she's so hormonally charged (and maybe unhinged).

Scroll through her blog posts and you'll find out that she's had 2 abortions, both for the sake of her career, she was a first-hand witness to the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, and she spent time in a mental asylum for an eating disorder in college. She may be one of the most interesting women in the world, but I'm really not sure she should be dispensing advice. And at a time when young people, and especially young women, are vulnerable due to a poor economy and sucky job prospects, I think we all need to be wary of whose career advice we take.

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